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Unfortunately in-hospital procedures or doctor expenses can be charged at 5 or more times the rate your medical scheme will cover. These unexpected, out-of-pocket medical expenses can often come as a shock and place you in financial distress. With our Agility Gap Cover and Co-Pay Cover, you can be prepared for the medical shortfalls.



Gap Cover works as medical insurance, it pays for the difference between what your doctor charges for in-hospital procedures and the rate your medical scheme covers.

Why Agility Gap Cover?

The best medical aid cover in South Africa.


It’s well known patients most likely need to always pay in an amount for in-hospital treatments. We have the most comprehensive options that will help you be protected against these shortfalls. For a small amount per month added to your medical scheme fees you can cut the stress.


Unexpected out-of-pocket expenses for in-hospital procedures can break the bank. Co-Pay cover will pay these amounts when you can’t.

Why Agility Co-Pay cover?

The smartest medical aid add-on to protect your pocket.


We have the best cover options in the market. Pay a small amount each month to be prepared for out-of-pocket expenses.


The Agility Gap range offers great cover at very affordable rates. From as little as R97 per family per month, these products will pay the difference between your medical scheme rate and what the doctor or hospital charges for in-hospital procedures. Your medical scheme covers the first 100% (or more, depending on your medical scheme option), and we pay the rest, up to as much as 600%! All Agility Gap products include cover at any private facility, as well as great cover for all Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) conditions.

GAP 200

Boosts your medical scheme rate with an

extra 200% for in-hospital procedures


R2 000 cover for PMB conditions


R1 000 emergency room cover


R1 000 Premium waiver benefit


The Agility Combined range offers protection on two levels: Firstly, it protects you against benefit shortfalls where your doctor charges more for an in-hospital procedure than what your medical scheme will pay (also known as gap insurance). Secondly, it protects you against any out-of-pocket contributions (also known as co-payments) that you may need to pay towards an in-hospital procedure. This type of combined cover is the best way to make sure you avoid those costly healthcare expenses that we’re often unprepared for.


200% Gap cover


Co-payment cover


PMB cover + Emergency room benefit + Premium Waiver


Optional Dentistry & Optometry cover


Agility Ultra is our top of the range product that not only covers in-hospital benefit shortfalls and co-payments, but also offers a wide variety of extra benefits. This product is an industry leader and, as a member, you can rest assured that unexpected healthcare costs are a thing of the past!


500% Gap cover


Co-payment cover (in & out-of-network)


Premium Waiver benefit


Unlimited cover for PMB conditions + Emergency room + Emergency room + Dentistry & Optometry + Cover for out-of-network hospital visits + Unlimited sub-limit cover + Cover for in-hospital shortfalls + Cancer diagnosis & treatment shortfalls + Out-patient cover + Out-of-hospital consultation shortfalls + Maternity + Premature birth + Trauma counselling


Agility Gap & CoPay is a division of Agility Insurance Administrators (PTY) Ltd. Products are underwritten by GENRIC Insurance Company Ltd (FSP 43638) GENRIC Insurance Company Ltd is an Authorised Financial Service Provider. Agility Gap & CoPay is a division of Agility Insurance.